Makes her debut performance

Vocally mature and confident, with lyrically clever hooks, there are all the elements here to make it as the international popstar that Venice has announced she inspires to be.  Through her more balladlike songs such as ‘Found Myself’, ‘Dreamboy’ and the “just written last week” ‘Lighthouse’, you are reminded of soulful storytellers such as Norah Jones, Regina Spektor and Adele, and it is in these moments that, for me, Venice’s voice truly shines.  But wait… there’s more!  Not only does Venice have chill ballads, but some pretty catchy up-tunes as well. ‘Let Me Down’, ‘I Love You’ and unreleased single ‘Mistakes & All’ having the ability to make you tap your toes and want to have a little seat dance. — Ambient Light

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